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Rail Shipping and Intermodal Freight Services

There are many false conceptions about rail shipping and service delays. Rail delays often happen at the hub, with a container waiting for an appointment. Partnering with The Dependable Companies ensures that potential delays do not happen because we secure appointments prior to freight arrival, often saving a few delivery days.   As an IMC (Intermodal Marketing Company), Dependable helps customers transport freight by rail while still maintaining delivery schedules.  

An experienced intermodal freight provider is essential for successful rail delivery. We combine resources of all major rail carriers with our experienced transportation professionals to determine the best solution and avoid costly delivery delays, all while producing bottom-line cost savings.

Why consider rail shipping?

  • Weight: Rail containers can generally handle more weight than a traditional over-the-road truck because they don't have the same over-the-road requirements.
  • Cost:  If deadlines allow, rail can be a more economical mode of transportation.
  • Security:  Rail can be a more secure option when transferring freight between certain major metropolitan cities.
  • Environmentally responsible:  From an environmental and green perspective, shipping by rail has the potential to reduce pollutants by reducing the amount of greenhouse emissions that come from over-the-road ("OTR") trucks.

Rail Service Offerings

  • CSX, UP, BNSF, Expedited BNSF
  • Dropped Containers
  • Road / Rail Service
  • Bulk Freight
  • Customer Container Requirements
  • Rail Siding Solutions 
Contact the 3PL Division today to see how we can meet your supply chain logistics needs.

Why Choose Dependable for 3PL?

  • Asset-based: Quicker and more reliable access to trucks, services, and warehousing
  • Single point of contact: Communicate with a single company
  • Volume pricing: Benefit from our volume and partner relationships
  • No more freight planning: Focus on growing and maintaining your business
  • Cost-effective: Shipments that are cost effective and still meet delivery deadlines
  • Easy online access: Real-time tracking, tracing, and inventory status