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EDI Logistics Solutions

The Dependable Companies remains committed to implementing and maintaining both online and internal technology to streamline various aspects of the shipping business such as online ordering and tracking, weight density calculators, online bills of lading, full-service EDI logistics solutions, integration, and more.

In today’s hyper-quick data environment, Dependable has dedicated both time and resources toward making sure we stay on the cusp of data administration.  Our solutions include a broad range of satellite-grade EDI and B2B solutions that we’ve specifically designed for customization by customer.  This means that we can mold our systems to your specific requirements, even if your requirement is flexibility.  Our drivers carry state-of-the-art handheld devices that communicate instantaneously with our internal system, which then populates to our Web or EDI interface, allowing our customers real-time freight delivery updates, tracking, and tracing.  This satellite technology offers us the ability to provide transparency.  From load progress, to in-cab updates, to delivery details, monitoring your truckload freight is accurate and real-time and available the moment you think to request it.

The beauty of our internal system is that we can accommodate everyone, from small companies looking for a simple web-based interface to Fortune 500 corporations who need a reliable connection to all EDI sets.  Since many of our systems are custom-built, our services connect to trading partners via data exchange and can integrate into existing business processes, which often results in increased operational efficiency.  Our system easily addresses issues such as per order exceptions and in-route delivery modifications.  We accept nothing short of meeting your needs while transmitting accurate, complete, and timely data to any interface you desire.  Our many Just-In-Time customers can attest to our 100% on-time EDI transmission rates.


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Your time is precious, and we understand that, which is why our online tools ensure quick and easy access to the important information you need 24-hours a day.   All you need is a login name and password and you have access to our myriad of online tools; which include but are not limited to:
  • Rate quotes
  • Shipment tracking
  • Freight status
  • Scanned images of bills of lading
  • P.O.D.s
  • Published transit times
  • Vital shipper documents
  • Load tracking: This allows customers to obtain their specific load information via the internet, down to the map level and without having to make a phone call
  • Online document retrieval: Retrieving scanned copies of documents is an easy online login away.
  • Online order entry: Login and add shipping requests
  • Weight density calculator



  • Online driver applications provide a streamlined application process through an easy-to-use online employment application.
  • Driver Center provides carriers and drivers an online location where they can retrieve current and past settlement information