Why use Dependable as your 3PL Warehouse

3PL Warehouse - Why Use Dependable?

Today’s mutable and often demanding marketplace requires businesses to be able to make rapid and strategic modifications while remaining in control of expenditures.  When it comes to warehousing and distribution, imagine a world where you only pay for costs as you incur them rather than having the fixed and often high costs associated with running your own distribution center.  In this world, if your inventory fluctuates monthly, so would your rent, if your order numbers drop, so would your payroll costs.  Imagine never having to worry about technology upgrades or material handling equipment upgrades.  It may sound like fantasy, but at your local Dependable Distribution Centers’ 3PL warehouse, this is not just make-believe.  

Very few 3PL warehouses are asset-based total supply chain partners.  As one link in The Dependable Companies’ comprehensive logistics chain, our warehousing division is also a true complete supply chain logistics provider.   We custom tailor a supply chain solution that fits your needs and fluctuates with your demand, with your profitability in mind.  With more than two million square feet of warehouse space throughout California, our 60 years of experience, and our flexibility lead to one conclusion:  lower costs, greater efficiency, and peace of mind.

Consider the following example of the savings you could incur through The Dependable Companies:

  In-house warehousing & distribution services
Dependable's 3PL warehouse and distribution solution
Storage   $132,000
(leasing a 20,000 sq ft building)
(storage cost with an average of 17,000 sq ft used) 
Utilities  $14,400  $0.00
Equipment & materials  $157,248
(labor force of 4 employees)
(labor cost of an average of 3.2 employees with a shared manager)
Management & administrative  $45,000
(material handling, equipment, leasing, and maintenance)
(shared equipment cost) 
Annual cost $424,648   $227,520
The Dependable Difference $197,128 annual savings

All Warehousing Services

  • Enclosed, secure storage space
  • Long-term storage
  • Short-term storage
  • Overflow & seasonal storage
  • Centrally located to commercial and industrial district
  • Pick and pack 
  • Full pick line fulfillment operation
  • Retail distribution
  • Pallet in, pallet out
  • Oversized movie & theater props
  • High value item storage
  • EDI
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