What services & benefits do you consider when selecting a Los Angeles distribution facility?

What services & benefits do you consider when selecting a Los Angeles distribution facility?

When it comes to selecting the right distribution center in Los Angeles, what are the service requirements that you need to help meet your deadlines? Many companies can store and manage your freight, but partnering with a proven Los Angeles distribution facility that offers specific services & benefits will optimize your supply chain to help deliver goods to your customers on-time and efficiently.


Los Angeles warehousing services & benefits should include:

  • Retail fulfillment- get an expert in retail compliance and routing to manage the complexities of shipping to retailers while mitigating the expensive chargebacks that may occur if routing and shipping guidelines are not followed.
  • Modern technology and transparency- get real-time inventory visibility, and data reports at your fingertips, 24/7.
  • Los Angeles drayage and transloading services combined- get a single provider that can handle your drayage services as well as your transloading and crossdocking requirements close to the Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports
  • Short term/Long term storage- plan ahead and get flexibility with the flow of your goods and evolving supply chain.


When searching for a California warehousing facility, partner with experts who specialize in storing, tracking, and managing your goods, offering extensive services & benefits to handle dray, warehousing, delivery services, and inventory management capabilities. You need a company that understands the complexities of storing your goods with the expertise and flexibility to be able to customize a solution based on your needs has over two million square feet of prime warehousing space near all the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland, California

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