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  • Third-Party Logistics

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and Supply Chain Consulting Division

Asset-Based Logistics Provider

Third-party logistics remains one of the fastest growing transportation sectors. When choosing a logistics company, it’s important to choose a company whose primary focus is positively impacting your bottom line rather than simply routing freight. We focus on efficiency but we take it a step further and seek out economical alternatives that help lower your overall transportation spend while still meeting delivery deadlines.

Our unique approach combines in-house assets with outsourced provider networks, and then we pass on the cost-saving benefits of participating in a larger distribution system. In addition to lower transportation costs, our approach also frees managers and executives from a variety of transportation headaches such as freight routing, rate negotiating, and multiple carrier-coordination tasks, allowing them to refocus their staff on growth and income strategies.

Customizable Supply Chain Solutions

Whether you have a single pallet to ship or you want to explore a third party logistics fulfillment solution for your entire supply chain, we are equipped to find a transportation solution that fits your needs.  We use our partner networks and our in-house assets and expertise to optimize your supply chain and ensure it operates in the most reliable, uncomplicated, and economical way possible. Using The Dependable Companies as your overall logistics and fulfillment services provider allows you to position yourself competitively with other companies and find new ways to reduce freight transportation expenditures.

Transportation Consulting & Solutions for Executives

In 2011, we developed our Transportation Optimization Program (“TOP”) designed specifically for corporate executives, C-level officers, and sole proprietors whose primary goal is to positively impact sales cycles, control costs, as well as improve profit margins within specific or multiple vertical markets. This unique program uses custom company-specific benchmarks to identify inefficiencies within your entire supply chain network. Designed to analyze and optimize your freight spend from a macro perspective, this program's focused approach provides supply chain solutions designed to find new ways to save both time and money while increasing efficiency.

Contact the 3PL Division today to see how we can meet your supply chain logistics needs.

3PL Freight Transportation Services

Our freight consultants pick up where our other divisions leave off, by providing complete supply chain services including warehouse management and both domestic and international freight shipping.  They coordinate both standard and custom freight service requirements.  If what you need is not on our list, give us a call or e-mail us anyway, we may still be able to help you.

Contact the 3PL Division today to see how we can meet your supply chain logistics needs.

Why Choose Dependable for 3PL?

  • Asset-based: Quicker and more reliable access to trucks, services, and warehousing
  • Single point of contact: Communicate with a single company
  • Volume pricing: Benefit from our volume and partner relationships
  • No more freight planning: Focus on growing and maintaining your business
  • Cost-effective: Shipments that are cost effective and still meet delivery deadlines
  • Easy online access: Real-time tracking, tracing, and inventory status