Shipping your freight using less than truckload (LTL) is proving to be a practical step for shippers for enhancing their businesses. In the US, the movement of goods by truck offers shippers tremendous flexibility at a relatively low cost. This process is particularly so for LTL carriers who move goods from different customers on one truck rather than using other transport systems to destinations including Texas and Oklahoma.

Most carriers going to these states use pup trailers that can haul two trailers in tandem thereby making LTL reject any shipment that cannot fit onto one pup trailer. LTL Shipping is loaded with other customer’s shipments. These outbound trucks are destined for similar locations with hubs in Texas and Oklahoma. Once a truck reaches its destination, the payload is sorted. Each shipment may be handled several times through different hubs. This process is completed when the shipment reaches its final destination. A local delivery truck driver familiar with the route then makes the final drop.

Usually, a shipper does not have to worry about paying for an entire truck when using this mode of transportation. This is because the freight cost is shared among shippers transporting products to this area, while goods are being secured and safely transported using pallets.

The spurt in online shopping has fueled the growth of LTL operators as compared to full truckload carriers. A dimensional weight cargo when transported through LTL carriers costs less compared to full truckload carriers. Dimensional weight is a pricing method for cargo transport, which includes postal services and couriers. This method uses an approximate weight, which is calculated from the height, width, and length of a shipment. This method has been adopted by major less-than-truckload carriers recently, which helped grow their top line.

Rates for LTL freight is determined by class, weight, pick up and destination zip code, commonly known as a lane in the transportation industry, and any additional services required to meet the shipper and consignee’s needs. Dependable Highway Express has expanded their LTL coverage and now offers shipments to the Southwest region (Texas and Oklahoma) alongside overnight shipping throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.